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About Us

Milo's House Preschool Literacy is a unique learning environment for children aged 3-6 years. It is a multi-sensory phonemic awareness/phonics based program where children come together in small groups to have fun, learn to recognise the sounds of the alphabet and the links between reading, writing, and spelling.

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Kinder 3

  • Developmental play
  • Show and tell
  • Phonemic awareness activities
  • Music and dance

Kinder 4

  • All Activities from Kinder 3
  • Phonemic awareness and phonics activities
  • Writing alphabet letters
  • Reading: blending and segmenting sounds

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Hear from our Parents!

Milo’s House has made such a huge difference to my daughter’s knowledge of sounds and letters. She has begun spelling and writing with confidence and to my amazement she was reading books within weeks of starting! My daughter loves attending class each week.

Each session is filled with a variety of fun games and activities to keep her engaged and having fun whilst learning. Milo’s House has been invaluable! It has given my daughter the best start for school next year. Thank you!

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Kew East

Beau started Milo’s House at the start of the year and I am so impressed with his progress. He is confidently sounding words out and showing a keen interest in literacy.

I love the way the sessions are fun and gently build on each other. Beau is more than ready for school next year and Milo’s House has played a big role in his preparation.

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Glen Iris

I can highly recommend Milo’s House to anyone wanting to give their child a fun and educational head start before they begin school.

We have been so impressed by how much Layla has learnt in the short time since she started. It is wonderful to see her confidence growing week after week as she is learning more letters and words.

She adores her teacher Helen, and always looks forward to her lessons at Milo’s House!




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